How To Quickly Pack Your Kitchen

It can be challenging to pack your kitchen when you’re moving. There are so many different things you must get organized. Figuring out how to fit all the different pieces into moving boxes can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve waited to the last minute to do so. However, with the right moving tips, you have nothing to worry about. Keep Your Silverware in their Organizers There’s no point in wasting your valuable time removing silverware and kitchen utensils from their organizers. Instead, use some plastic wrap to secure them inside of these organizers. If you’re able to wrap them tightly enough this is one of those moving tips that’ll save you time because you’ll have less to do since everything will remain safe and secure right where it is. Pack Your Dish Towels and Cloth Napkins With Your Dishes You can use your dish towels, cloth napkins, and tablecloths (anything that’s made of fabric) to fill up your boxes of plates and glassware. Think of these items as filler – […] Continue reading