Safe Piano Moving! Some Essential Tips!

Piano moving is certainly not for the timorous and the people that have done it will vouch for it. It is a tough task and needs a lot of groundwork and manpower. Piano moving is a strenuous process and as a result, has carved out a niche in the moving industry. These days you can find several companies around the country dedicated to piano moving. Most pianos weigh up between three hundred to one thousand pounds and the use of professional movers is recommended for the job. But hiring the professionals is not on your budget many times. You can move the piano with help from friends in such cases. Find the right moving supplies and material: Firstly, you need to ensure that you have all the requisite supplies and material to safely moving the piano. In the case of both upright and the grand pianos, you will need a lot of moving blankets for protection. The last thing you need is scratches on the valuable musical instrument. You can […] Continue reading