Moving Plants To A New Home

It is difficult enough to make a large move with having to pack living things such as pets and plants. The stress involved in moving gets even more difficult to handle as you are left wondering about how to keep the pets happy through the whole journey to the new home. However, you have to think about the well-being of herbal friends as well. Let’s check out a few strategies for moving plants to ensure that your plants survive the long trip to the new home and stay happy along the way. Prepare the plants: A few days ahead of the move remove all the dead leaves from the plants and their branches. Provide a good prune to them. A week before the move get rid of pests, dust, and weed. Re-pot the plants in plastic: To make sure that moving plants is easy on your back take them to heavy pots and planters and provide them new homes in lightweight pots made from plastic just a few weeks before […] Continue reading