Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance should I book my move?

Obviously, the sooner the better, especially if you need a specific date and / or time. We would recommend at least 30 days notice, especially if you are planning to move during the first or last weeks of the month.

How does your scheduling work?

Our first move of the day typically starts between 8:00am to 9:00am, with our last move of the day usually ends around 5:00pm to 7:00pm or until the crew is completed. We do ask that you be available two (2) hours prior to and after your scheduled move timeframe.

How does the timing of the move work?

The clock for your move will start once the crew arrives at your pickup location and goes over the paperwork with you. The clock will stop once they have unloaded the last item into the destination and you advise them that everything is where it should be.

Do I need to be present during the move?

Yes, you or someone you trust should be present during the entire move.

Do you have a minimum charge?

Yes, we have a 2 hour minimum. Anything past the 2 hours will be billed in 15 minute increments so you are only paying for the time that the crew is there.

Will 2 Guys and a Van reserve parking for the truck?

The customer is responsible to provide parking for the truck(s). The closer the truck can park to the door the less time the move will take and the smoother it will go. With at least 7 days prior notice to your move date, we can order “No Parking” street signs from the City of Chicago. There is a fee charged by the City which will be added to your total due for your move.

Should I clean my walkway / stairs of snow or ice, or will you do this?

The customer is expected to have all walkways clear of all obstructions before we arrive to ensure safety for all concerned, and this will help to save time and money for you, the client.

Do you disassemble / reassemble my furniture?

Yes, we can disassemble and reassemble any needed items that do not require special instructions or tools. For safety reasons, we will disassemble cribs, but we will not reassemble them.

Will my appliances be disconnected and reconnected by you?

No, we do not disconnect or reconnect any appliances. They must all be disconnected, drained if needed and ready to go. We can assist you in getting your TV off the wall, but we DO NOT mount it back.

Can I leave my clothes in my dresser or chest?

No, due to the added weight and structure damage liability, we highly recommend you remove all of your clothes / personal items and pack them into bags or boxes.

How do you protect my furniture during the move?

We use moving blankets and stretch wrap to protect your personal effects in order to avoid any damages. Blankets and stretch wrap also help to keep your belongings clean.

Is there a fixed price for my move? Do you offer any discounts?

Illinois Commerce Commission guidelines state that the charges are based on the number or workers and hours for loading, moving and unloading. The State of Illinois requires that we charge according to our tariffs that are filed with the Illinois Commerce Commission. We are not allowed to offer discounts or deviate from our tariff.

Is my estimate binding?

No, the estimate is not a binding price. It is a non-binding general indication of how long the move will take and how much it will cost. The law for moves within Illinois states “Actual Charges will be based on the number of hours” your job takes. If your move takes more or less time than we had estimated, you will pay for the time that the crew was actually there.

What factors can affect the estimate?

The estimate is based on the information that you provided with regards to your inventory, stairs / elevators and carrying distance. The more accurate you are with this information the more accurate your estimate will be. Other factors that could impact the estimate would include traffic, weather conditions, and other unforeseeable factors.

Should I tip my movers and how much?

Gratuity is not required (and certainly should never be requested), but it is not uncommon for customers to tip their movers. If you choose to tip the crew members, the amount is entirely up to you. Like any other tip, it should be based upon the service you feel you received. The average tip is $5-$10 per hour per mover for great service.

What items should I move myself? What items do you NOT move?

Items that you should move include but are not limited to: any flammable items (paint, paint thinner, nail polish remover, propane tanks, gasoline, etc.), firearms, important papers, medicines, money, collections, jewelry and similar items.

We do not move pianos, Grandfather clocks (unless pendulum / weights are moved by customer), plants, extra-large / heavy safes, or slate pool tables to name a few.

How and when do I pay for my move?

Payment is made at the end of your move. Payment can be paid in cash or by credit card (no fees!).