Intra-Building (Same Building) & Same Complex Moves

Intra-building (same building) & same complex moves

You might find one day that you have a requirement of moving from one location to another in the same building. This relocation can be for a change of business address, to switch apartments, or just to rearrange your furniture. Although this work appears to be easy with no trucks involved you can rest assured that moving is still moving. Packing the stuff and heavy lifting needs you to put in a lot of effort and time when you are trying to complete the task yourself. Fortunately for people living in the Chicago, Franklin Park, and Bloomingdale, IL area, can use the services of 2 Guys And A Van for the intra-building move.

2 Guys And A Van are available for all things from partial packing to full packing while moving from one place to another or they can also help you in your furniture rearrangement. No work is too small or too big for us. We have performed a lot of the same building moves and we comprehend the simplification of the moving process thereby saving time and unwanted stress. Here are the three main kinds of the intra-building moving process:

  • Office or business moves. Different businesses many times have to change the layout of their spaces and need to renovate or switch from one location to another in the same building. Timing is of the essence here and the 2 Guys And A Van offer reliable and swift-moving services for helping you stay focused on your business move.
  • Condo or apartment moves. People many times outgrow their living spaces or have a desire to switch to another space. It can turn out to be a big job handling the move. 2 Guys And A Van are experienced and are familiar with ways of navigating the condo and apartment elevators, corners, and staircases.
  • Furniture rearrangement. When you are looking for a refresh for your apartment, or while performing a remodel you may need to temporarily move your furniture. Bulky and heavy furniture items are tough to move on your own. Moving large items might even damage the walls and flooring if you are not experienced. Our pros will get this work done safely and quickly.