How To Move To A New Place Near Pickleball Courts

Pickleball has surged in popularity, with many enthusiasts prioritizing proximity to pickleball courts when relocating. If you’re considering such a move, here’s a comprehensive guide to help you. 1. Researching Your New Destination: Before anything else, gather information about your new location. Are there active pickleball communities? Which neighborhoods are close to these courts? Websites like PickleballCentral or USAPA Places to Play can be useful. Join online forums or Facebook groups related to pickleball in that city. Engaging with members can give you firsthand insights about the best areas to live and the vibrancy of the pickleball community. 2. Evaluating Pickleball Facilities: Not all pickleball courts are made the same. Consider factors like court surface, lighting for evening plays, and available amenities. Some facilities might offer coaching or organized tournaments. Visiting the courts or checking reviews on platforms like Yelp or Google can provide a clearer picture. 3. Proximity to Other Amenities: While living near a pickleball court might be your primary goal, don’t overlook other essential amenities. How close […] Continue reading