7 Things You Didn’t Know About Chicago

unknown facts about ChicagoChicago is one of the largest cities in the US and attracts visitors every year from around the country and further afield. However, there are many unknown facts about Chicago that you might not have come across before. Whether you’re moving here, visiting for the first time, or simply want to find out more about Chicago City, we’re sharing ten of the things you may not already know.

  • Chicago Has Many Nicknames
    As well as being well-known around the world as plain old Chicago, this city is also referred to as The Windy City, City of Big Shoulders, The Second City, City in a Garden, Chi-Town, and The White City. There are various background stories for why these names apply to Chicago. For example, American poet Carl Sandburg dubbed Chicago ‘the city of big shoulders’ in his 1916 poem.
  • Chicago Was Home to the First Ferris Wheel
    Fairgrounds and amusement parks all over the world now feature Ferris wheels as a popular attraction, but did you know that the first Ferris wheel was situated in Chicago? The 1893 Chicago World Fair, held in Jackson Park, featured the very first Ferris wheel created by
  • George Washington Gale Ferris.
    Chicago’s International Airport is Among the World’s Busiest
    One of the lesser-known facts about Chicago City is that O’Hare International Airport is one of the busiest in the world. In fact, it was named the fourth busiest airport in the world in 2022. Visitors traveling from this busy city can fly directly to more than 150 destinations in America and more than 50 other cities around the world.
  • Walt Disney Was Born in Chicago
    The world-famous Walt Disney is among the many celebrities born in Chicago. Disney was born in 1901 in Hermosa, where he lived until the age of four years old – at which point his family relocated to Missouri. Other celebrities born in Chicago include Indiana Jones actor Harrison Ford, pop artist Jennifer Hudson, and comedian Robin Williams.
  • Chicago’s River Runs Backwards
    The river in Chicago is the only river in the world that is designed to run backward instead of forward. A project at the turn of the 20th century reversed the direction of the water’s flow along this 156-mile river, redirecting polluted water to the Mississippi River.
  • Deep Dish Pizza is a Popular Favorite in Chicago
    If you have moved to Chicago City and you want to explore the food options available here, you can’t overlook the experience of a deep-dish pizza. This popular food is incredibly popular in Chicago, particularly among tourists, and has been a staple in the city since the 1940s when Ike Sewell and Ric Riccardo introduced it.
  • Chicago Was Once Home to the World’s Tallest Building
    In the modern age of sophisticated architecture, it is a challenge to hold the title of the world’s tallest building. However, this was a title that Chicago’s Willis Tower held for 25 years – from its completion in 1973 until 1998 when it was overtaken by the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur. The Willis Tower still stands tall along Chicago’s skyline – at a staggering 442.3 meters high.

Thinking About Moving to Chicago?
Chicago City is arguably one of the most interesting cities in the world, and there are many facts about Chicago that make this destination an appealing place to visit or relocate. If you are thinking about moving here and need to find a moving service to help you along the way, get in touch with the team at 2 Guys and a Van for more information.

Picture Credit: Unsplash