5 Money-Saving Tips When Moving Home

Whatever your plans are, moving to a new home costs money. It doesn’t matter whether you’re moving to the other side of Chicago or to a different state altogether – there are various things that you will need to pay for. From finding a moving company to organizing all your belongings, it can feel like there are endless factors to consider when moving home.

Here are some top money-saving tips to help you cut down costs when moving home.

  • Recycle
    There are many things that you can recycle when moving to a new home. For example, reuse old boxes and other storage containers that would otherwise go to waste. Ask friends, relatives, and your moving company if they have any unwanted boxes and other packing materials that you can use. Recycling and reusing packing materials can help you to save money as well as cut back on the amount of waste involved with moving home. You can also recycle items that you do not want to keep with you once you’ve moved out of your old place.
  • Sell Unwanted Items
    Moving to a new home can become an opportunity to declutter and say goodbye to the things you no longer want. Many people gather items in their homes that are not being used over a long period of time. Selling these items can help you to raise funds to pay for the moving expenses and reduce the number of items you need to move. If you cannot sell certain items, consider donating them to charity or asking friends and relatives if they want to take them off your hands for free.
  • Shop Around
    When looking for services and suppliers, shop around to find the best deals and see where you could save some extra money. Look at recommendations from previous customers and work with trusted Chicago movers and other suppliers to get the services you need. Choosing a moving company that has good recommendations and a solid track record in delivering high-quality services can help you to avoid some of the common pitfalls when moving.
  • Wait to Buy Items for the New Home
    If you plan to buy new things for your new home, wait until you’ve moved in before spending any money. Buying items for the new home too early in the process could mean that you need to ask a moving company to transport more items, or you may underestimate or overestimate how much space you have in the new place and end up wasting precious funds. Rather than rushing to buy everything you need for your new home, wait until you arrive there and take some time to decide what you need and where to buy it.
  • Move at a Quieter Time
    You might be able to secure a better deal with a moving company and other suppliers if you move during a quieter time of year. Rather than moving in the warmer months when many other people are looking to move, consider opting for another time of year instead. If you move to your new place between October and April, you are more likely to secure the moving company and other suppliers that you want and potentially get a better financial deal too.

Finding Reputable Chicago Movers
Working with a good moving company can transform your experience of moving to a new place and save you plenty of time and stress. If you want to know more about the options available to you when moving to Chicago, you can speak to the team at 2 Guys and a Van.

Picture Credit: Freepik