Why You Should Declutter Before You Move

Why You Should Declutter Before You MoveCutting down on clutter and getting rid of things that you no longer need is one of the best ways that you can get yourself ready to move. Not only does it help to clean up the house and remove things that you no longer need, but it helps you to focus and have a clearer mind.

Here are some of the best reasons to declutter before you contact a moving company and move houses. Think about these things before you start packing up to move!

It Saves You Money!

Perhaps the biggest reason to declutter before you move is the fact that it will save you money. This is because the less stuff that you need to move around the less you will need to pay for moving company fees, boxes, and space. Everybody loves saving money, so save some by decluttering!

It Cuts Down on Waste

While you may think it is better to reduce clutter and get rid of unneeded things after you move, it is much better to do it before you move. Other than saving money, you can cut down on the amount of time you’ll spend packing and unpacking, as well as the space you’ll take up with the things you packed.

Makes Moving Easier

By reducing the amount of wasted time and space you’ll save by getting rid of clutter before moving you will also have a much easier time moving things to your new home. To focus and pick only the important things, set aside a box or two meant for the things you intend on getting rid of.

It Can Help Out Others

Separating what you intend to keep and get rid of will not only benefit you, but it can go towards helping others out. Perhaps some of the things you no longer have to use can be given to family or friends who would love to have them.

Alternatively, you can give unwanted items to charity. This way nothing goes to waste and you will be able to put your old items to good use, hopefully for the benefit of others down the line!

It Can MAKE You Money!

Not only can decluttering save you money, but it can also make you money. If you find some items that are worth quite a bit you could always sell them off rather than keeping them or throwing them out. Listing your items on Facebook, Craigslist, or holding a yard sale are great means of decluttering while also making money.


To start getting rid of clutter make sure you have a plan. After this, you need to stick to that plan and get rid of your unwanted items using whatever means you have decided on. Whether it be selling it off, throwing it out, or giving the items away to charity make sure that you follow through on your plan so that no extra clutter is left behind.

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