Using A Moving Service During A Busy Season

Using A Moving Service During A Busy SeasonThe nice weather in the summer makes for an enjoyable time outdoors. There is no need to worry about rain and snow however, it also means it is time for everyone to consider moving. 70% of all the moves occur between the weekends of Memorial Day and Labor Day. It means a lot of moving for moving services with plenty of coordinating required. Let’s take a look at some tips for getting you through the summer of using moving services.

1. Plan ahead: Begin looking out for the moving service 6 to 8 weeks ahead of the moving date. Keep in mind that the most reliable moving companies fill up their schedules quickly. If you begin earlier it also provides you sufficient opportunity to negotiate. However, the moving service is unlikely to give you discounts at this time of the year but you might get lucky. Select the morning time for the moving operation because it will be relatively cool at the time.

2. Select the least busy days: In all probability, the end of the month is likely to be the busiest time for the move. The majority of leases end at that time. Apart from that, other busy days are the Memorial Day weekend and the last weekend in June. You can avoid the confusion by picking a weekday as it will help you avoid incompatible reservations and might even get you lesser pricing.

3. Carefully consider all your belongings: You need to note which items from your luggage will fare better in the heat and which are likely to perish. Wine doesn’t go well with the heat, candles might melt, and electronic items are likely to get damaged in the heat. Ensure that you have thought these things through and have made alternative arrangements for these items.

4. Coronavirus precautions: Most moving services have adapted their business to be compliant with the local and federal guidelines and they follow the recommendations by CDC. The people from the moving service will practice social distancing as far as possible and they will take additional sanitation precautions for keeping their equipment clean.

5. Have a checklist to stay organized: One of the more significant aspects of moving is maintaining a checklist. You can also find these templates online and modify them suitable beforehand. There are some interactive checklists available on the internet. You can also keep a checklist for packing. There are packing guides available that will help you tackle the packing process and point you in the right direction.

6. Using moving services: Although you can find a lot of help online about your moving needs there are many things these moving services cannot move. You need to know what these in advance to avoid last-minute scrambling on a moving day. All moving services do not cater to business or home move. Many times you will just need to move certain objects around the house, have a truck unloaded, or other similar things.

7. Moving with children and pets: Although this may not sound much children and pets are a big part of the moving process as you are trying to keep them happy and involved in the process. There are some tips available online for this purpose.

Fortunately, there are moving services available that can help you even with specialized moving in Chicago, IL. 2 Guys and a Van offer a range of moving services for people with both home and business moves. They can help you with other processes such as those involving heavy lifting. It is always a good idea to plan ahead and not wait until the last minute for organizing everything and getting help. This company has been in moving business for many years and has all the staff and the necessary tools required for the D-day.