Moving Tips! Packing Tips For A Smooth Move!

Moving Tips! Packing Tips For A Smooth Move!Packing our belongings and moving down the block or across the country doesn’t have to be a disaster. Before learning the moving tips you must be aware that packing is a headache and can be stressful. Packing during a move is more stressful than packing for a weekend and there are many more things involved in it than just packing a suitcase. Can you make the packing job easier and lighter? Here are some simple moving tips to simplify packing during a move.

1. Using right-sized boxes: Place the heavy items such as books in smaller boxes and lighter items such as pillows and linen in the larger ones. Large boxes packed with heavier items is a common complaint made by professional movers. It makes the moving job harder and increases the chances of breakage.

2. Place the heavy items at the bottom of the boxes and lighter items at the top: If you are planning to load the moving truck by yourself try to pack the heavier boxes initially to the front of the truck as this will give better balance when fully loaded.

3. Never have empty spaces inside the boxes: Fill all the gaps inside the boxes with towels, clothing, or packing paper. Movers will object to moving boxes that are unbalanced or loosely packed.

4. Do not mix the items from various rooms inside the same box: This will make your packing faster and unpacking a lot easier. Label the boxes with the destination room and also add a small description of the contents. This will help the movers to know where every box belongs inside the new home. Maintaining a proper inventory will be a part of all moving tips and it is an excellent method to keep track of the things you have packed and ensure that you still possess everything you need after unpacking.

5. Tape the boxes properly: Use a couple of tapes to seal the top and bottom seams of the boxes. Then use a common technique used by movers. This involves making a few wraps around the top and bottom edges of the box where the stress is likely to get accumulated.

6. Ask for special crating while moving expensive articles: You should never pack oil paintings in the regular paper as it will stick. For the pictures that are framed inside the glass, you can have an X shaped masking tape on the glass for strengthening and holding it together in case of shattering. After this, wrap the pictures in a bubble wrap or paper and place them inside a frame box with a cardboard piece between all framed articles for protection.

7. Bundle the breakables: When you pack your dishes, place a packing paper around every dish, and then wrap a bundle of five to six plates with paper. Pack these dishes from the side and never on the flat side. You can use a lot of bunched-up paper for padding above and below. Bowls and cups may be placed inside one another with a paper between and then wrap 3 or 4 of these items in a bundle. Get dish-barrel boxes to pack them.

When you have all boxes packed and ready for the move the toughest part of the procedure is finished. Unpacking is easier and is more exciting than packing. If you are looking for a mover in the Chicago area, you can use the services of 2 Guys and a Van. Call the company now for a quick estimate.

Picture Credit: Pexels