Moving Guide During COVID-19

Moving Guide During COVID-19The information on COVID-19 as follows is current as of April 16th, 2020, based on the CDC announcement. This article is not intended as medical advice.

COVID-19 has changed a lot of things and put a lot of things on hold. Some things, however, simply can’t wait, not even for a pandemic. For people in the process of moving – whether to relocate for a job or due to selling/buying a house – the show must go on, virus or not.

Here are some tips for how to manage this already stressful process, now amplified even more by the coronavirus.

Your first instinct may be to do everything yourself in order to limit contact, but this may actually work to your disadvantage. It can be an arduous task to load everything yourself, and this will lead to you being outside and among people for longer than you may need to be.


Professional movers can help move your stuff quickly, efficiently, and minimize not only your moving time but also the amount of time you spend in public during this pandemic.

You can start your move smartly with the first step: packing up. Coronavirus does not survive on porous surfaces like cardboard for longer than three days, so plan ahead of time and pack up your things a few days before the scheduled move date.

Leave a few necessities out, and consult some of the helpful moving guides online if you need guidance on which things to keep out and which to pack away. Items such as coffee makers can stay out until the actual day.

For your furniture, wrap the items in plastic in order to put a layer between the item itself and the outside world. This can be removed quickly once you reach your destination. The professionals at 2 Guys and a Van can help in getting you the equipment you need in order to move similar items as safely as possible.

When the movers arrive, be sure to keep your distance. Ensure that everyone is using proper PPE such as gloves and masks. If you cannot leave the premises before they arrive-ideally a day or more before – then try to remain outside while they work.

After your items are delivered to your new destination, if possible, let your items sit for a few days. This will allow time for the virus to the die-off of any surfaces before you handle them.


If you can, plan your travel route to avoid any densely populated area. This can help you avoid any “hot zones”. Traveling in rural areas can minimize your contact with other people, and with current gas prices, the minimal additional costs are well worth the expense.

Bring food for the ride. If you need to stop, try to choose national chains. If you use any public restrooms, wash your hands for twenty seconds with soap and water.

When in public, wear your mask. While certainly not fun, this can protect the people around you. Creative alternatives – such as bandanas – can also be used and can be easier – and more fun! – for children.

If you need to stay overnight in a hotel, again, try to select a national chain. Pay attention to their cleaning schedules. To be extra cautious, consider camping outside in a tent instead of a rugged – and safer-experience.


When you arrive at your new destination, that first-day cleaning is all the more important! If the building has been unoccupied for several days, it is unlikely that the coronavirus virus has survived on the surfaces. However, a thorough scrubbing with soap and water can effectively clean those surfaces of anything lingering. (For carpets, you can hire professionals, but be sure to observe proper social distancing protocols.) For curtains, wash them in the washing machine.

Even – and especially – during this pandemic, hiring professionals to help you move is the safest way to get your family to your new home. The professionals at 2 Guys and a Van can provide you a quote.


Professional movers can not only do the heavy lifting, but they can pick up, transport, and drop off your items at your convenience, even at times where you are not physically on-site. This can help significantly to minimize contact with people outside of your household.

Perhaps the biggest advantage is the fact that when you hire a professional moving company, you remove the need to deal with a truck rental agency – less expense, less hassle, and less social contact!

After factoring in the mitigated food costs, lodging, rentals – the actual expense of hiring a professional moving company may surprise you!

With a little preparation and a few guidelines, even in the face of a pandemic, you can move your possessions and your loved ones safely, and get started on your new normal.

The representatives at 2 Guys and a Van are ready to help you!

Picture Credit: Pexels