Safe Piano Moving! Some Essential Tips!

Piano movingSafe Piano Moving! Some Essential Tips! is certainly not for the timorous and the people that have done it will vouch for it. It is a tough task and needs a lot of groundwork and manpower. Piano moving is a strenuous process and as a result, has carved out a niche in the moving industry. These days you can find several companies around the country dedicated to piano moving. Most pianos weigh up between three hundred to one thousand pounds and the use of professional movers is recommended for the job. But hiring the professionals is not on your budget many times. You can move the piano with help from friends in such cases.

Find the right moving supplies and material: Firstly, you need to ensure that you have all the requisite supplies and material to safely moving the piano. In the case of both upright and the grand pianos, you will need a lot of moving blankets for protection. The last thing you need is scratches on the valuable musical instrument. You can also use thick blankets or towels for covering the piano. Several rolls of tape are required to secure the blankets in their place. You will also need a dolly that can withstand the weight of the piano.

Get as many volunteers as possible: After you have all the supplies into the place you can start looking for a team of helpers. You are going to need at least 4 people depending on the size of the instrument and the complexity of the piano move. A good idea is to recruit family, friends, and neighbors with experience in moving heavy articles. These volunteers have to be in good shape. Also, ensure that these people are wearing proper clothing and sneakers having good traction.

Measure all staircases, doorways, and hallways: Before you execute the actual piano moving you should measure all the places from where the piano will pass through. Ensure that you have measured all staircases, doorways, and halls to assess the move in terms of maneuvering the piano through the house. You need to ensure that all doorways are open and the floors are properly protected. Make sure that there isn’t any furniture getting in the way. If there is a possibility of the piano nicking corners or get scratches to make sure that you have covered the sharp edges of the doors by using additional towels or baby-proof bumpers.

Lifting the instrument: While you are lifting the piano into its position whether on the furniture dolly, in another location, or onto the truck you must keep it in mind to lift the piano by its legs. Legs are generally most vulnerable. Keep the instrument in the upright position as laying it on the side is not useful for the inner mechanics. Place the moving straps under the piano bottom with one strap on either end. Position two people at each end of the piano. You will need four people in the four corners of the piano. Now place the piano on the dolly and secure it. Ensure that legs are sitting flat on the dolly.

Secure the piano to the truck: The musical instrument must be placed near the back wall of the moving truck. This should be the first item you pack during the move and the last you will unload at the new place. Some piano movers advise the use of wooden planks as flooring for the piano as most trucks are not level on the inside. It relieves pressure from piano legs and casters during the piano move. In case you are using planks, they can be placed along the back wall of the truck.

DIY style piano moving might not be the thing for you. But rest assured as there are several professional piano movers available such as 2 Guys and a Van especially in the Chicago, IL region to complete the task for you. They are licensed and insured movers so you can rest assured that the move is in good hands.

Picture Credit: Pixabay