Where To Start Unpacking After Your Move

Where To Start Unpacking After Your MoveAfter the moving company finishes you have to unpack but do you even know where to start? This task can feel just as overwhelming as packing itself. After all, your life is inside a bunch of boxes and bags inside of your new home.

Moving isn’t any different than any other large task. You must break it down into manageable tasks. By unpacking just one room at a time the task will seem much more manageable. This is because you’re focused on just one room instead of thinking about unpacking your entire home. When you only unpack one room at a time you’ll also considerably speed the process up for yourself since you won’t be running around from one room to another. Instead, you’ll stay in the same room until you’ve managed to fully unpack it before you move on to the next room

So, now that you know the best way to unpack your home once the moving company leaves, you’ll also want to know what order to work your way through your home.

Your Bathroom

When the moving company leaves you should head into the bathroom. This is a great place to start the unpacking process because it’ll probably be the first room you’ll need to use. Make sure you’re prepared by unpacking all the essentials (e.g. hygiene products, toilet paper, toiletries, towels, medication).

The Kitchen

Another great place to start unpacking when the moving company leaves, is in your kitchen because it’ll probably be one of the first rooms you use within 24 hours of moving into your new home. Even if you have room in your budget to eat out for the next few days, you’ll at least want your coffeemaker, mugs, and spoons for in the morning. Who knows? You may want the toaster too.

The Bedrooms

After the bathroom and kitchen are out of your way, you’ll want to take some time to unpack the bedrooms next. One of the advantages of moving early in the day or having a lot of people help you is that you may be able to get the bedrooms situated within the first day or two. Otherwise, this is a good place to stop for the night. You can start here fresh in the morning.

Living Room

Once the main areas of your home have been unboxed when the moving company has left you’ll want to start in on the living room. If you’re having the cable or satellite company come in to install the internet you’ll need to determine where the best place for the outlet will be. The nice thing is once you’re finished here you’ll have somewhere to relax.

Dining Room

The easiest room to unpack will be your dining room. You should start by putting all your furniture back together. Afterward, you can put away your silverware and fine china. Once you’ve done this you can add any pictures to your wall or a centerpiece to your table.


Now that you know what order to unpack the rooms in when the moving company leaves, your life should be somewhat easier when the time comes. If you have family or friends there to help you, it’s a good idea to assign them tasks so as you finish a room everyone knows what the next job will be. None of this has to be stressful when you choose the right company to work with. So, if you live in Chicago, FL you can rest assured that 2 Guys And A Van understands just how stressful moving can be. They strive to make things go as smoothly as possible so reach out to get a quote from them today.

Picture Credit: Pexels