Things People Forget To Pack On The Moving Day

Things People Forget To Pack On The Moving DayIf you fail to perform a significant task or forget to pack an important item on a moving day it can be extremely frustrating. At the time of preparation and especially on the day of moving we are constantly reminded that we are human and are born with fallible memory. We are not robots armed with a CPU that does not forget anything, ever. But despite all the stress and chaos caused during the house moving process, it is significant that you keep organized and ensure that you do not forget to pack all the utilities you will need in the new house. Here are the common items people forget while packing for a move.

1. Essential documents: Never forget to pack the important documents that you are going to need immediately after moving. Have a binder with places inside it that pack all the necessary documents in the house such as personal documents, house documents, school records, and medical documents, employment-related documents, car documents, finance-related documents, other such critical documents. Keep this binder with you throughout the moving process and do not give it to the movers for safekeeping. Pack the binder in the essentials box and watch it.

2. Medication: The second most commonly forgotten item while moving is medicine. The reason behind it is that they are often placed in medical cabinets and cupboards and many times you do not have sufficient time to walk through the home before leaving the old home. Keep in mind to get all the medicine out from the storage place and pack it in the essentials box. Sort out the medicine as there is no need to pack the ones that will not be needed again. Keep those medicines that are past the expiry date away. Also, remove those items that have illegible labels and you can’t remember what they are for. And lastly, remove the medicine that you are not using any more. Also, pack the prescribed medicine regularly needed.

3. Valuables: This is a surprise item on the list but surprisingly this happens to be true. Surely you will not forget to take the valuables with you while moving but many times some of the valuables are hidden in some secret place for many years. Sit down for a moment and decide what you wish to do with the valuables. Do you have a portable safe? Is there a good hiding spot in the new residence? Some of these high-value items include jewelry, money, and family heirlooms. Therefore, ensure that before the movers arrive these items are safely packed and secured in the box you will carry with you.

4. Items from the storage place: These items are some of the most common things people forget to pack. These items include the things lying in the garage, attics, tool sheds, basements, and walk-in closets. Ensure that you visit all the storage areas in your current home or apartment and sort them out to prepare the items you will carry with you during the moving. Visiting the storage areas is the first place to start your moving process as they are the toughest places for packing. There are many things you can find in the area.

Packing your things for moving is without a doubt a time-consuming and labor-intensive task from the moving checklist. Have a detailed packing timeline to eliminate the errors and to use the available time effectively. For more help and advice for moving around the Chicago, IL area for the upcoming move get in touch with 2 Guys and a Van who will ensure that you do not miss any crucial area of the moving process.

Picture Credit: Pexels