What To Ask Before You Move Into A New Apartment

What To Ask Before You Move Into A New ApartmentOnce you decide it’s time to move into a new apartment you’ll probably start thinking about where you want to live. Once you’ve made a decision here it’s time to meet with landlords and look at their properties. You may even be ready to sign a new lease. But not so fast! Before moving into a new apartment there are some things that you should ask your new landlord before signing the lease.

When can a handyman enter your apartment?

This should be the number one question in your mind when moving into a new apartment because the last thing you want is to have some unexpected guests. While you don’t own the property this doesn’t mean that the landlord or even a handyman should enter it unannounced.

Typically a landlord or handyman will notify you when they need access to your apartment to conduct repairs or maintenance work. When you’re notified of this you should ask them on what day and at what time they’ll be there.

How’s the rent paid? What about any late fees?

Every landlord is different when it comes to the types of payments they’ll accept. A lot of them use online payment portals. If your landlord still wants a paper check they may be willing to stop by and pick it up or you can mail it to them by the due date. Make sure you give the mail enough time to get the check to your landlord on or before the due date.

While you may have never been charged a late fee before it’s still a good idea to know about them. You should also know about any grace periods the landlord is willing to give you. These are usually due to it being a weekend or a holiday though.

Are utilities included in the rent?

This is a good question to ask because you need to figure the utilities into your budget when moving into a new apartment. Sometimes a fixed amount will be included in your rent for one or all of the utilities. At other times it’ll be up to you to contact the utility company and have them turn on your utilities for you. In this case, your landlord should provide you with the information you need to do so.

Where can vehicles be parked?

If you own a vehicle or plan on having guests over who own a vehicle it’s a good idea to know where you can park before moving into the new apartment. Sometimes you’ll be assigned a parking spot for which you may have to pay an additional fee. There are also times when you may have to park your car on the street. In this case, see if there are any permits necessary for doing so.

When do you have to notify the landlord that you’re moving out?

Most landlords ask for a 30 – 60 day notice. If you do not disclose this information your lease may be automatically renewed. Your landlord can also keep your security deposit if you fail to notify them ahead of time that you’re moving out. This is because they’ll use it to rectify any financial losses that they may incur.

What do you do when you’re ready to sign the lease?

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