5 Things That Could Cause Your Home To Fail An Inspection

some of the things that could cause your home to fail an inspectionThere are several reasons why your home might be inspected. People who are renting apartments in Chicago might have regular visits from their landlord to check for any damage or problems in the home. An apartment inspection may take place at least once a year for many tenants. When somebody is moving out of their home, the landlord or a contracted agent will usually visit to conduct a thorough inspection.

Failing an apartment inspection could mean that you lose some, or all, of your security deposit – something no tenant ever wants to do. In order to ensure that you avoid any hefty fees or loss of your deposit money, there are a few things to be aware of in advance. Here are some of the things that could cause your home to fail an inspection.

  • Broken Appliances
    If the appliances in your home belonged to the landlord and were already there when you arrived, you should treat them as part of the home. You could fail an apartment inspection if the appliances have been broken, especially if there has been serious damage that has not been addressed. Let your landlord know of any problems with the appliances so that they can be dealt with quickly, and there is evidence that you reported the issue.
  • Not Deep Cleaning
    This is particularly problematic if you are moving out of the home and expecting a full apartment inspection to take place. You should deep clean your home before you move to avoid paying large cleaning fees. Even if there are no other problems in the home, you could fail an apartment inspection if you do not carry out a deep clean and leave the apartment looking tidy for the next tenant. A deep clean of your apartment can also help you to discover and address any other concerns you might find.
  • Smoking Indoors
    Most rented homes have clauses in the contracts that forbid smoking indoors. Failing to abide by these rules could mean that you fail an apartment inspection and are obliged to pay large fees for cleaning or repairs. The person carrying out the inspection will be very likely to smell or see evidence of smoking, and this could be the reason for an inspection failure.
  • Water Damage
    Water damage is a common issue that affects many buildings and can be created by leaks, weakening structures, and bad weather. Whatever the reason for water damage occurring, make sure you alert your landlord as soon as possible when you notice the damage. If you live in an apartment, the risk of water damage from the surrounding apartments can be higher. Damage to the home you are living in might not be your fault, but it could still have long-term repercussions for the apartment.
  • Missing Items
    If you’re living in a furnished apartment, this will have furniture and other items that belong to the landlord. If any of these items go missing or break, you will normally be expected to replace them. Furthermore, for end-of-tenancy inspections, there will be an inventory of all the items in the home that will be checked during the inspection. If any of these are missing, you could fail the apartment inspection and be asked to pay significant amounts of money in order to replace the missing items.

How to ensure you move out smoothly
In order to ensure you pass the apartment inspection and move out of your home as smoothly as possible, spend some time preparing for the inspection. Ensure you have time for a deep clean as well as a full check of your home for anything that might be missing. If you need help moving out in Chicago, IL, you can find professional support from 2 Guys and a Van.

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