A Good Time To Call Your Moving Company

A Good Time To Call Your Moving CompanyAfter you have decided to move it is time to decide when. Possibly you do not have a lot of choice about when to move if it is a corporate move. Perhaps there is so little time available at hand for a move that there is no time to research a more convenient and cost-effective way. In any event, you need to consider the timing aspect and decide a better time to call a moving service. It will help in alleviating stress and in some cases will also save money.

Best season for a move

There are pros and cons involved in moving during all seasons. It doesn’t matter whether you are contemplating a DIY move, or planning to hire a moving company to perform all heavy lifting. Better timing for a move depends on individual requirements, budget, and timeline. If you are planning a long-distance move there are challenges involved in the process for all members of your family. Families with school-going children prefer not to move in the middle of a school year. Weather also plays a significant role while deciding moving dates. If you are selling when the weather is nice, it allows you to showcase the landscaping and curb appeal of your home.

Home sales are at their peak usually in the summer months but, it also means more scheduled moves. If you decide to use a moving service during peak season, you will probably end up paying more and will have fewer alternatives for your moving date and time.

The best month for moving

As the home selling season peaks in spring and trickles down to summer, most moves take place during this period. Therefore May to September is a peak period for movement. Most of the brunt of moving is carried by June, July, and August. Moving services are in greatest demand during these months. But, keep in mind that moving is a lot of hard work, and summer temperatures are likely to run high or humidity may make it tough to breathe. So, moving during summertime might not be a great alternative. September through to April is the best time for moving as moving companies are readily available in this period. If you have to move in the summer, begin planning early.

Best day and week for moving

Most housing leases begin and end close on the first and last day of the month. It means there is more demand for a move at these times. Some moving services might offer discounted rates if you can plan your move in the middle of a month. Even when you are doing a DIY move you are likely to run into moving service availability issues so, a better idea is to move in the middle of a month. A good time for a move is when you do not have to take time off from school or work. Therefore weekends are the times when services of moving companies are in greatest demand. Therefore aim for weekdays so that you can get a decreased price tag.

It doesn’t matter whether you are planning to use professional moving companies or thinking about a DIY method for your move. It is always better to get started early in the morning. As there is physical labor involved in a move, cooler temperatures in the mornings will be a great help. If you live in Bloomingdale, Franklin Park, and Chicago, IL area, reach out to 2 Guys and a Van for a professional and timely service.

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