Best Way To Pack Wine

Best Way to Pack WineKeeping your wine bottles protected during relocation is challenging and requires great extra care. Wine bottles are fragile and a change in temperature, light, humidity, or even vibration can affect them, especially the red wine. Thus, it is important to plan and pack carefully to minimize risk, when moving to another place.

Transportation of alcoholic beverages and liquor isn’t easy as value is an important factor especially when it is a vintage or rare collection. Our moving company has an experienced team that is well-aware of your worries and takes utmost care to keep your wine collection protected.

How wine bottles are transported when moving to another place?

Necessary precautions are required to pack wine bottles properly, they include:

Using the Right Boxes

Sturdy boxes are designed for wine transportation. These boxes protect liquor and other alcoholic beverages. Cell boxes that have cardboard installed are a good choice too. Other than this Styrofoam divider also works well in protecting bottles from banging to enable easy shifting without any damage.
Wine bottles should be kept on their sides or upside down so that corks do not get wet. Additional protection can be provided by using bubble wrap.


When transporting wine or any other alcoholic beverage it is important to provide enough cushioning for safety. Taping down the loose corks and caps is important. Two layers should be separated using extra cushioning.

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Picture Credit: Pixabay