Important And Useful Tips To Ease Summer Moving

Important And Useful Tips To Ease Summer MovingWith summer around the corner, it’s officially the start of the moving season. Don’t be surprised to see some trucks passing by. Most people plan to move in this season as their children are on a vacation or snowy and rainy days are not around the corner. However, it doesn’t mean that  is easier. For some people, moving in summers is way more complicated compared to any other season. Although the planning stage is important in all seasons, you have an additional thing to deal with, the Sun. Let’s look at some useful tips that can make the process easier.

Book Your Moving Agent Well in Advance

Before you do anything related to your relocation, decide whether you are doing it yourself or hiring a professional. Although the 1st option saves you money, it drains a lot of time and energy. Hence, it’s advisable to hire a moving company if you have the budget. If this is the case, you should do it much earlier than the relocation date. Summers being the busiest days for the movers, it can be tough to find a good service provider on short notice.

Even if you find one, there are chances they might not be able to offer you complete services or may charge you a premium. Hence, it’s better to be smart and approach a mover on time.

Start Your Moving Preparations Early

Once you have booked your package, give your moving company and draft a rough plan for your moving day. You may ask them whether there are items that can’t be moved or the exact time they will come to your house and the time they will take to complete the overall process.

Based on these inputs, organize your activities and plan your move by putting it on paper. Such measures will help you stay organized and not lose your nerves. It would be easier if you could involve your family members in making the moving preparations.

Store Ample Bottled Water

Staying hydrated is important in summers and becomes more important when you are moving. While preparing and on the day of moving, you would be carrying boxes up and down the stairs and your air conditioners might have to be switched off as the doors would remain open. You surely would sweat a lot and sadly you cannot do much. But to make it easier, it’s important to have enough bottled water in your house. The stock should be enough to last for an entire moving day and even the next day. You will also save considerable time by not rushing to the store to buy water several times that day.

Carefully Pack Your Belongings

It’s important to pack your household knick-knacks and personal items yourself. Basic packing materials like cardboard boxes, packing paper, and plastic wraps are enough to pack those for you. It’s better to do this a few days before your movers arrive to help you pack your remaining belongings.

You should carefully pack everything as there must be items like electronics that might not handle the heat at all. Doing quick research can help you pack efficiently and ensure those items do not get damaged during transit. Additionally, if you are planning to keep some items in a storage unit throughout the summer months, make sure you pack them using appropriate materials.

Choose the Right Clothes

Although it’s evident what you should wear in such situations, some people make mistakes. Hence, it’s important to mention what you should be wearing. As moving demands a lot of physical work, you should wear lightweight and breathable fabrics. Loose-fitting clothes are comfortable to wear in such conditions.

Avoid wearing synthetic fabrics as they force your body to sweat more. When it comes to colors, white or light neutral colors are the ones to go with. You should also avoid colors that attract more sunlight. It’s equally important that you do not enter the summer state of mind and wear dresses, flip-flops, or similar clothing. The right footwear is also important and you should be wearing non-slippery shoes.

Apply Sunscreen

Before going outside and doing any activity related to moving, do not forget to apply sunscreen. Apply on all parts that aren’t covered including your face, arms, ears, legs, neck, shoulders, etc. A sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher is safe to use. You should also choose a sunscreen that is waterproof as you will be sweating a lot.

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