Tips For Organizing Your Living Room

Living Room Organization TipsMost people find it challenging to organize their living room because it’s used for so many different purposes. With all these purposes, it’s no surprise that the area becomes so cluttered. It doesn’t have to be this way though.

Tips to Organize Your Living Room

Look around your living room and you’ll see piles of mail, toys scattered everywhere, exercise equipment, and technological devices scattered everywhere. It doesn’t have to be this way if you’re proactive. Even without moving you can still organize your living room in a way that makes you and your family comfortable.

Remove Items that Don’t Belong in Your Living Room
Get up and start moving anything that doesn’t belong in your living room out of it. Put these items back where they belong. As you move these items back into their rightful places make sure to pick up any items that belong in your living room and return them to the area. Make sure you also throw any trash away. There are also a few other things you should do while you’re up and moving around:

  • Create a place for things that belong in the living room but don’t have a proper place there.
  • Make sure that you don’t leave your mail and books in a pile. Grab a container and create a spot for these things.
  • Take a look at your “disaster zone” declutter it and find homes for each of the items that took up residency there. This step will make the whole room look cleaner.

When You Organize Your Living Room Consider its Function
As you’re moving around making the attempt to organize your living room consider whether there’s anything about the room that really bothers you. It could be as simple as not wanting to get up and write down something you need at the store when you’re relaxing and watching TV. Take time to fix these things. For instance, you may want to place a notebook and a pen on your coffee table where you can easily reach them.

When you encounter a problem that you can’t fix right away write yourself a note so you can fix it sometime soon. Maybe when you stacked your magazines on the coffee table you noticed that it’d look much better if you added a magazine rack to the room. It’s also possible that you realized that you need a recycling bin for your old papers or a basket for your pet’s toys. Regardless of what it is, make sure you write it down so you can plan to take care of it soon.

Create a New Look for Your Living Room
You’ve probably heard about how realtors “face” or “stage” a room when they’re preparing to sell a house. This isn’t the only time this can happen nor does it have to take a lot of money. Instead, simply organize your room and straighten everything up.

Make sure you don’t miss anything (e.g., the books that belong on the bookshelf, the knick-knacks that go on your mantel, blankets that need to be folded). Moving around and making these simple touches will reign in everything so that it doesn’t look messy any longer. This is important because when an area looks like an out-of-control mess you’ll start feeling this way too.

When You Can’t Organize Your Living Room

When you’ve tried organizing your living room and found that it really doesn’t work, maybe it’s time to consider moving. It’s possible that your home just isn’t suited for you. If you make this decision, make sure to contact us at 2 Guys And A Van in Chicago, FL so that we can make everything feel effortless for you.

Picture Credit: Freepik