How Checklists Can Help Make Moving Smoother

planning your checklists before movingStaying organized can help you with many different day-to-day tasks in Chicago. When you’re moving from one place to another, keeping everything organized can bring huge advantages. If you’re weighing up the benefits of spending some extra time planning your checklists before moving, here are some of the ways that this could make things smoother for you.

1. It Can Save Time
Creating checklists for various categories can help you to save time. You can develop a moving list that takes into account multiple aspects of your home or office, such as furniture, electrical, and smaller items and accessories. While you might think it’s easy to remember what you have, this can quickly become a very large task. Creating checklists can be a challenge initially, but if you start early, it can be a critical tool in helping you to stay organized and stick to any timelines. You can begin by going from one room to the next to make a list of everything in the room that you are going to take with you. If you’re short on time, allocate a set time to spend in each room and be disciplined about not running over.

2. Coordination
Maintaining a moving list can also make it smoother if you are working with a moving company. You can share the lists with them and instruct them to move or pack certain items from a specific category. Enabling them to reference a moving list when helping you to move can make their job easier, as well as reduce the risk of anything getting lost in the process. You’ll be able to check back at your list to see how much progress has been made and whether there are any outstanding tasks to complete. If you’ve enlisted the help of others, such as friends and relatives, you can also share the lists with them so everybody is working from the same plan.

3. Preventing Damage
A good moving checklist should contain more than just the name of the items. Including specific details, such as the condition of the items and any wear and tear already present on them, can help you to identify whether there have been any problems while moving. For example, you can monitor any damage caused by other people helping you to move or accurately file any complaints regarding damage or losses. If you want to create a comprehensive checklist, consider taking photographs or videos of items that are of significant value. This could include opening and closing doors of furniture items or testing electrical items to make sure they are working.

4. Extra Security and Peace of Mind
Ultimately, making checklists to help you move from one place to another can bring extra peace of mind and security. As well as feeling like you’ve done everything you can to look after your items or protect those that belong to the landlord, you will probably feel less likely to forget something while transporting your belongings to the new place. You will have a record of what was there and what was moved, as well as further details that could help you in the event of any damage, loss, or claims.

Finding a Good Moving Company
Working with a good moving company in Chicago, IL, can make things easier for you. Combined with some handy checklists, you could significantly reduce the levels of stress and hassle caused by moving. If you’re looking for a reputable moving company to provide you with high-quality services, companies like 2 Guys and a Van could offer the perfect solutions.

Picture Credit: VistaCreate