How To Make Your Emergency Moving Smoother?

How To Make Your Emergency Moving Smoother?Planning a relocation needs to start at least six to eight weeks before the actual date. It provides you ample time to pack, organize, and select the right logistic company. However, you don’t always have so much time especially when it’s an emergency moving. Relocating at the last minute can be smoother if you follow the guidelines discussed below.

Select a Deadline to Hire A Moving Company
The immediate step you should take when you need to move on short notice is to finalize a date to leave and hire a moving company. If budget permits, you should hire a full-service company. They have the resources to pack your entire house much quicker than you doing it by yourself. In case the objective of the last-minute move is to save money, you should refrain from hiring a moving company.

Tips To Save Money For Short Notice Moving
When it is urgent, the following moving tips can help in easing the process and reduce the hassles coming your way:

Start Preparing At The Earliest
After you are aware of the emergency move, you should start preparing at the earliest. Procrastinating for a longer period makes the process of moving much harder. Short notice moves can be expensive so you should compare three to four quotes received from different logistic companies in your area.

Start Packing From Day One
From the very 1st day you know that you have to move, you should arrange your items in each room. Pack your belongings in order of priority as it helps in avoiding situations where your end up forgetting or losing your items or documents. As it’s an emergency move, you would always like to carry as little as possible and may prefer selling what you can to fund the last-minute move. Although it’s difficult to sell your belongings, you will save substantial money as most moving companies charge you by weight.

Avoid Multi-Tasking
Short notice moving can be confusing and you might start believing that multi-tasking will be the best approach to gather your items. However, this strategy may backfire and things might be in a mess. You might end up losing important items in the shuffle, besides you could easily get stressed or overwhelmed. Most of us do not master multi-tasking especially when it comes to moving. Instead, sit down and create a list of things you plan to do. Prepare a plan and execute each step one at a time.

Ask Your Family and Friends to Help
Getting help from your loved ones can substantially reduce the stress of moving. Ask your friends and family to help you with the moving process. You should allocate different tasks and responsibilities to each individual. As they understand the importance of your stuff, they provide a different level of help compared to the moving companies. Additionally, a treat or simple food is all you would give them instead of a payment.

Common Things One Forgets During Short Notice Moves
Moving in the last minute increases your stress and some things slip your mind. It may include things you would personally pack or finalizing which moving company to move ahead with.

Never Allow Companies to Take Advantage
Last-minute moves attract comparatively higher fees than normal. However, never allow a moving company to overcharge you or take advantage of your situation. As a customer, you have the right to be charged fairly, which is why you should take estimates from more than a single company. Closely inspect the extra charges they might have added for the emergency loading and unloading operations. Also, ensure you tell them details of the stuff you need them to move and the date when you plan to move.

Communicate With Utility Service Providers Before Moving
In your new house, you will require several amenities right after moving. These include cable, electricity, internet, and other things for which you would be making monthly payments. Unless you communicate with them, these utility service providers would not be knowing about your move.

Similarly, directly inform the service providers of your old house before you move. It ensures you are not charged beyond the date you stop using their services. Some service providers may even help you transfer their existing services from the old house to the new one.

Transfer Important Records
Amidst the unexpected move, the last thing that comes to your mind is transferring medical records or other important documents. In case you have a new doctor set up they can help you with the process.

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