Local Moving Within A Week Or Less

Local Moving Within A Week Or LessMoving even when it is a local moving event can be an intensive process. Ideally, you may wish for a month to plan the move, a week or two to pack the things and clean. But, in reality, most of us find out that we are required to move within a week or even less. This adds to the already existing stress and things can get so bad that they may slow you down and eventually psych you out. However, it is possible to move on short notice without losing your mind. Here are some tips.

1. Take a deep breath and plan first

There are two main reasons for hurried local moving. First, is that you did not get the notice in time for the move or you wasted time until the local moving day snuck up on you? In any case, it can be overwhelming so take a deep breath and get onto it. If it was your fault that you find yourself in this position do not beat yourself over it. Things like this happen many times and there is little time to reflect. First, have a plan ready for the local move. Do you need to hire pro movers? Get the pros and schedule an inspection date to get quotes. When you find the right fit, note it down.

2. Gather sufficient supplies

You are not likely to get enough time to move back and forth from the store to the home to pick up various boxes and other packing material during the local moving. Therefore, be sure to get what is needed on the first go. You can use some online tools for estimating the boxes you will need. Ensure that you pick some wardrobe boxes as well that allow you to pack the clothes without pulling them out from the hangers and folding them. As far as packing supplies are concerned, find out what you think you need and then purchase slightly more than that and do not forget the essential items such as packing paper, packing tape, and furniture protectors.

3. Get help

If you are planning a local move within a week there is no time for being shy about asking for help. Ask some of your friends and family members to come out and help you with the packing and moving. However, keep in mind to express the gratitude both verbally and via other gestures such as buying a pizza for them. In case no one is available for the work and if you are willing to spend a bit of money, you can hire someone to help you with things from the internet. The hired help can be useful for everything from packing, loading, and unpacking at the destination.

4. Take as little as possible

If you are in a hurry the less you are required to pack and move, the better it is. Try to get rid of the things you do not need especially the things that do not serve any purpose for you such as old clothes that don’t fit anymore, old DVDs, old high school notes, etc. Collect all these items in 3 piles viz., “donate”, “recycle”, and “toss”. The focus has to be more on donating or recycling the things as much as possible. After this, remove the things from the home. You can get a friend to come up and pick up the donation items and keep them until you are done with the local moving.

Moving even when it is local moving is never easy if it is to be done within a week. Therefore, by keeping the time factor in mind concentrate on getting things done. Keep self-care in mind during the period as well. If you need professional help especially in the Chicago, Franklin Park, and Bloomingdale, IL area, get in touch with 2Guys and a Van for a consultation and an estimate.

Picture Credit: Freepik