Smart Moving For College Students

Smart Moving For College StudentsWhen the end of the school year approaches there are many things you need to watch out for such as cramming for the finals. In case you are graduating, you will be starting a new chapter in your young life. However, you may be required to do one significant thing beforehand and that is moving out of the room. The fact is that most college students are busy preparing for their studies to worry about moving at this time. But with a bit of help, you can get things organized quickly and say goodbye to the dorm room in a flash. Here are some tips to make sure that the moving out process is effortless and smooth.

1. Prepare a list and have a color-coding system: Although preparing a list of things to do is an obvious suggestion, it is something many people do not go through with. If you can make a list of the boxes you have packed and color-code the boxes as per rooms or roommate, you will take the first step towards organizing the moving. It is also helpful in keeping track of your stuff and you do not end up losing things. You will be aware of where different things are packed into and where they are to be placed in the new place. It also allows you to plan your move in a step-by-step manner. You may pack some essential items such as pillows, bedsheets, cookware, and towels in the “Unpack in the beginning!” box. This preparation will allow you to live within the new place even on the first night.

2. Use luggage for all the heavy items: Do not waste your wheels for packing lightweight packing if it is possible to use them for a better purpose. Place the items such as picture frames, books, cookware, and other heavy stuff inside the wheeled-luggage that can be moved easily. It will also be easy on your back. And if you are required to sacrifice a lot of luggage space for clothes to achieve this, there are many other great alternatives available for packing your clothes to make up for space.

3. Maintain the drawers as they are by using tape and wrap: It may be considered unnecessary to pack the clothes stored in the dresser inside a suitcase as they were very well folded inside the dresser in the first place. When you are planning you’re moving in a rush or if you are a little lazier than others, you can just secure the drawers by using some saran wrap and tape. Saran wrap will maintain everything within the drawer from moving around or get ruffled and the tape will maintain the drawers in a closed position as you are moving them away from your house and inside a van. This also facilitates unpacking in a flash. You can just remove the saran wrap and the tape and there you are.

4. Pack all the glassware by using linen: For saving some money you can protect your glassware by using the items that you may already possess such as linen and socks. You can use a clean pair of socks for balling one piece inside the glass bowl. After doing this place this glass inside the other sock sole and then wrap the top of the sock around the bottom of the glass for extra protection. For the glass plates and baking dishes, you can use pillowcases, towels, or you’re T-shirts. When you are packing these items within the boxes you may use blankets along the bottom of the box line before packing the glassware. You can use heavy scarves or socks for separating the different items from each other at the time of moving.

If you look for the movers at the last minute it may turn into a daunting task. You can save yourself a lot of trouble by booking them in advance well before the moving day. For the college students living in the Chicago, Bloomingdale, and Franklin Park, IL area 2 Guys and a Van is a good alternative for the move. Booking these movers early also permits you to get better deals and allows you to concentrate on the finals exam during the exam weeks. There are many special offers some of the movers are running at some point in time. You can take advantage of them for your move.

Picture Credit: Freepik