How To Make Your Next Move More Effective

Moving And Packing TipsAccording to FiveThirtyEight, the average US citizen will move 11.7 times from birth till death. That is a lot of times packing and unpacking, moving heavy items, and finding new places to live!

Moving, even if only a short distance away, can be a daunting task. There is a lot to take on, from packing, to finding a moving company to assist you if needed, to switching addresses and bills over. And if you have a family, it can make it even harder. Both your time and your paycheck will be eaten up by this.

Having a plan when it comes to moving can make a world of difference in a smooth move or a disastrous move. Be sure to create a plan for all members of your household, including pets. You will also want to keep the weather in mind, making sure that you have the appropriate weather items, such as plenty of water if it is super hot to extra hats and gloves if you are moving in the winter. Or if it is raining, you will want to have some sort of plastic or material covering floorings so they do not become damaged with water or mud.

A moving company can assist you with the move, making it that much easier. Here are a few tips that moving companies say will make for a cheaper and more effective move.

One of the biggest tips anyone can offer is to hire a moving company. This will make your move so much easier because they will tackle all the hard stuff for you, such as moving your stove or curio cabinets. One tip you can use that will make the move easier on anyone is to use color-coded boxes or labels to organize your belongings. Red may be for the kitchen while green is for the living room. Moving crews say this is a huge lifesaver as it organizes everything.

More than likely, you will have a lot of boxes to pack all your belongings into. The first tip that a moving company will tell you is to forgo the packing peanuts. They are messy and sticky and will cause a mess. Not to mention the cost of the packing peanuts. Instead, use things that you will be moving to cushion items that can easily become broken. Bathroom towels can be used to wrap up plates, t-shirts can be stuffed in-between places to create a tighter fit, and bedding sets are perfect for wrapping up items. You will probably still need to purchase bubble wrap or other items to keep your belongings safe, but using what you have can cushion breakables much more.

If you have tons of items, now is the perfect time to get rid of those things that you do not use. Perhaps you have a box of Christmas decorations that you never put up, or have a closet full of old jackets that are never worn. Donate it, toss it, or have a garage sale. This will eliminate so much stuff being moved and will make unpacking that much easier.

Now let’s talk boxes. Lots of times we see people asking grocery stores if they have any boxes they can use. While it is understandable to want to save money by not purchasing cardboard boxes, this may be one area you do not want to skimp on. Those boxes are not made to hold lots of heavy stuff as they are manufactured with thinner cardboard. They can easily break, which may lead to your dishes getting broken. Instead, you can purchase boxes, or ask your moving company if they have any that you can purchase.

If you utilize these tips for a cheaper and more effective move, you can be certain that you will face fewer stressors. Between using these tips and assistance of a professional moving company, such as 2 Guys and a Van, in Chicago, IL, you will be settled into your new home in no time.

Picture Credit: Freepik