Planning A Successful Garage Sell Before Moving

Planning A Successful Garage Sell Before MovingIt is an established truth about moving that it is a perfect opportunity to remove things that you do not need anymore. Although you can easily recycle, trash, and donate these items, having a pre-move garage sell is an excellent way of getting rid of things and make some extra cash to cover for the moving expenses. There are more advantages associated with the garage sale before the move than making some additional cash. You will spend a lot less time packing and unpacking the items that are of no use anymore. If you are emotionally attached to some of the items it will feel better if those items are going to a new owner than getting away from your sight. Here are some tips for a successful garage sale.

1. Decide the date and time: Always be smart about the date and time you select. The weekend day will be more suitable, preferably a Saturday. The ideal time for holding a garage sale is spring as the weather is turning and people are eager to get outside. Try to avoid having the garage sell on holidays or days when something big is happening in the town like any major sporting event. As far as time is concerned you can begin in the morning and go through till the afternoon. Be ready for those early birds who may show up before the set time.

2. Have an inventory: Similar to a local store you need to maintain an inventory of items you are offering in the sale. This will allow you to stay organized both in set up and when things are rolling out. First, make a note of things you wish to sell and be judicious about your selection. If there are things that do not serve a purpose for you but may be useful to someone else there is no reason to hold onto it. If you wish you may begin organizing these items in a single place so that they can be ready for use while setting them up. Inventory lets you know exactly what items are going out for a sell and it will be handy on the day of the sale.

3. Have more items in good condition: Do not search for the obvious items for the garage sell such as closets and cabinets. Also make sure that you have gone through the attic, basement, garage, and shed to have accrued various items over the years. Remember, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. When an item is in good condition and is useful it will be a good idea to put it out. Sometimes an item might be dirty, broken, or in poor condition. You are better off just getting rid of it. Concentrate more on items that normally do well in garage sells such as vintage glassware and tools.

4. Ask the neighbors if they are interested in joining: Larger garage sells are more likely to garner attention. If you do not have sufficient items for sale or if you want to make the garage sell a big show, you can ask the neighbors to co-host the garage sell at the same time if you can agree on a time and date. Doing this will allow you to advertise the sell to more number of people and it will make the day more enjoyable as well.

The garage sale before moving is a fun way of getting rid of things and make some additional cash. However, do not take it too seriously as it might stress you out. Enjoy the time spent in the process as it is an interesting experience. Donate the remaining items from the sale rather than packing them. You may also need the services of professional movers for the move. For the Chicago, IL region you can contact 2 Guys and a Van who are waiting to assist.

Picture Credit: freepik