When Is The Best Season To Move?

Best time to moveWhen you’re deciding to move, timing can be critical. This is partly because of the opportunities on the housing market during certain times of the year, but it can also impact on logistical challenges involved in any move. If you’re thinking about moving but you’re not sure which time of year is best to do it, let’s look at the pros and cons of moving during the winter and summer months.

Moving During the Winter

There are pros and cons to moving during the winter. One of the main considerations is the weather and the conditions under which you will be moving. The cold weather itself can make things more challenging, even when you’re simply moving things in and out of the home. This increases to an even larger problem for people who suffer from health conditions or are more sensitive to the cold weather.

In other ways, winter weather could mean you’re wading through snow and ice to move large items of furniture or bring things into your new home. You can risk dirtying or damaging the home you’re leaving or the new property you’re moving into.

Moving during the winter could also bring challenges when traveling. Moving professionals who can help you to move easier may not be able to travel in certain weather conditions. Furthermore, your moving company of choice may charge an increased fee to help you move under severe weather conditions.

However, moving off-season can bring reduced costs when it comes to storage of heavy items, and could also mean your local moving company has more availability since fewer people are moving. If you’re traveling a long distance, you might experience quieter traffic in the winter compared to moving at warmer times of the year.

Moving During the Summer

Many people choose to move during the summer, which brings a different set of advantages and disadvantages. This is a popular time to move and make changes because the weather is better, and it can be much easier to get from one place to another without additional logistical challenges.

The cost of moving during the summer can be slightly higher though, with many moving professionals charging higher rates due to the increased demand. However, any additional costs can be outweighed by the benefits of moving in warmer weather.

Depending on your job, it might also be easier to take time off during the summer months, giving you plenty of time to complete the move without more stress. If you have children, it’s also a good time to move and settle them into a new school in time for the next academic year.

Getting Help with Your Move

The time of year you choose to move will have an impact on your whole experience. Some people might find the hot weather unbearable when moving, while others can’t stand the idea of moving in the winter.

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Picture Credit: Pexels