Tips For Using A Storage Unit While Moving

Moving storage tipsAn impending move stresses out many people. But renting a storage unit can alleviate some of the stress. It can even help in making money from the house sale. These storage units give you a safe holding place for your items while moving. In addition to that, you can stage the home better as you have additional storage space. Although everyone does not need storage units while moving, the closing dates many times do not line up. The storage unit migrates from just a practical convenience to something of a necessity. Here are some storage unit tips that will be useful during moving.

1. Reserve the storage unit immediately: One of the better suggestions for using the storage units during a move is to begin early. As soon as you become aware that you will be moving, you need to book a storage unit. The additional time permits you to begin packing immediately rather than waiting till the last minute. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking to declutter the house for selling it quickly or you need to pack your apartment stuff to clean it. You are going to need space for placing your boxes to maintain the home in a stress-free and welcoming way.

2. Look for the best available storage unit suitable for your circumstances: Decide whether you want the storage unit to be situated close to the new or old home. When you are moving out of state, this placement has to be close to the current house and then move all the things at once. After you have decided about the best location for additional storage you need to decide the size of the storage unit and if you need climate control. A 5X5′ storage unit is ideal when you are looking to keep small boxes, books, and other smaller items. When you are looking to store photos, artwork, or things of sentimental value, you will need a climate-controlled storage unit.

3. Pack all the non-essentials for staging the house: When you are selling the house, anything you can live without should be packed and properly stored in the storage unit. For instance, if you have two sets of stoves you can pack one and keep the other one for easy access in the kitchen until the moving date comes close. The out-of-season clothes can be boxed and stored. All this effective staging of your house increases the bottom line making the costs of renting the storage unit appear more affordable and worth the effort.

4. Maintain the storage unit well-organized: The need to stay organized during moving cannot be stressed enough. You must stay on task and maintain a checklist to help you out. Keep in mind that the storage and moving process can take a bit of time. True especially when you are looking to sell the house. The storage unit will help in maintaining the house in an organized manner during the move. But if you have a mess in the storage unit this will become ineffective. Maintain it well right from when you set foot there for the first time. One of the easiest ways of avoiding confusion is by labeling everything.

Everything you do for helping you ease the stress at the time of moving is worth the effort. If you can place your belongings in a storage unit while packing, it reduces the clutter within the house. It also decreases stress. All-in-all you will face less anxiety about the timelines associated with the moving process. Sometimes, you may require specific guidance. Do not be afraid of asking professionals for advice in such a case. If you live in Chicago, Franklin Park, Bloomingdale area, get in touch with 2 Guys And a Van for expert tips.

Picture Credit: Wikipedia