When You Should Use Climate Controlled Storage Units

When You Should Use Climate Controlled Storage UnitsUnfortunately, a lot of people don’t think about the damage that could happen if they don’t use climate-controlled storage. To determine whether this storage is what you need, it’s important to consider the articles that you’ll be moving into storage. The location and its climate also play a major role here.

Items Requiring Climate-Controlled Storage

When moving any of the following items into a storage unit, you’ll want it to be a climate-controlled storage unit. These items include:

  • Electronics and household appliances don’t do well in extreme heat or humidity. This type of weather can cause their internal parts to rust. Also, in freezing weather, your electronics may crack or their batteries’ quality may decline. Even if you’re not dealing with these extremes in the temperature, you’re better off with this type of unit because you don’t know when the temperatures may suddenly fluctuate.
  • Musical instruments, especially string musical instruments, require special care as they’re very sensitive to extreme temperatures.
  • Wood furniture swells in the summertime and shrinks in the wintertime. When this happens continually it can damage your items. This is why such items should never be stored in an outdoor unit.
  • Photos and other important documents can fall victim to unpredictable weather patterns. When you store these items in an outdoor unit they can easily get stuck together when the temperatures get too hot. Once this happens you’ll find it very difficult to separate them again.
  • Treasured antiques and other collectibles can rust if the weather gets too humid or they may crack if the weather gets too cold. Since these are rare items that hold a lot of special value, it’s a good idea to store them in a climate-controlled unit.

Choosing the Right Storage for Your Climate

Knowing what items belong in a climate-controlled storage unit is only half the battle you’ll face when moving your items into self-storage. The other major concern that you must take into consideration has to do with the weather itself.

When you live in an area that faces its fair share of natural disasters you should take advantage of climate-controlled storage units. For instance, if you find yourself moving to Florida you should know that you’ll not only be dealing with high temperatures but also with hurricanes that can cause a lot of destruction. This is why most of the storage units in the area can control your unit’s temperature. Securing your belongings in such a unit will make a huge difference when it comes to preserving their quality.


It’s important to take a good look at what items you plan to put into a storage unit. Consider whether the items you’ll be storing are vulnerable to damage. Also, take some time to think about what the weather is like where you live. Even if you don’t find yourself living in an extreme climate you don’t want to waste your time worrying about your belongings’ condition, especially if you plan to store them away for any length of time. While you’ll pay a bit more money for these units, isn’t your peace of mind worth it? So, if you’re moving your belongings into a climate-controlled storage unit, hire 2 Guys And A Van in Chicago, Franklin Park, and Bloomingdale, IL to help you.

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