Things People Forget To Pack On The Moving Day

If you fail to perform a significant task or forget to pack an important item on a moving day it can be extremely frustrating. At the time of preparation and especially on the day of moving we are constantly reminded that we are human and are born with fallible memory. We are not robots armed with a CPU that does not forget anything, ever. But despite all the stress and chaos caused during the house moving process, it is significant that you keep organized and ensure that you do not forget to pack all the utilities you will need in the new house. Here are the common items people forget while packing for a move. 1. Essential documents: Never forget to pack the important documents that you are going to need immediately after moving. Have a binder with places inside it that pack all the necessary documents in the house such as personal documents, house documents, school records, and medical documents, employment-related documents, car documents, finance-related documents, other such critical […] Continue reading

How To Cope With Moving Stress

Anyone who’s been through a move can tell you that it is one of the most stressful experiences a person can go through. Not for no reason either, after all, it means uprooting your life, deciding what to keep, leaving friends, family, and community. It’s no surprise that moving is listed as one of the least favorite times for most people. However, just because moving can be a stressful time doesn’t mean it has to be. In this article, we’ll be going over a few of the ways to turn your moving experience into a positive one. Keep reading to find out how! Staying positive It’s a simple fact of life that you find what you’re looking for in an experience. If you are expecting moving to be a bad experience, it probably will be. Similarly, if you’re expecting it to go well, you’ll be more likely to hang on to the good parts. It’s important to keep the right mindset when you’re moving. It can be a time to […] Continue reading

Planning A Successful Garage Sell Before Moving

It is an established truth about moving that it is a perfect opportunity to remove things that you do not need anymore. Although you can easily recycle, trash, and donate these items, having a pre-move garage sell is an excellent way of getting rid of things and make some extra cash to cover for the moving expenses. There are more advantages associated with the garage sale before the move than making some additional cash. You will spend a lot less time packing and unpacking the items that are of no use anymore. If you are emotionally attached to some of the items it will feel better if those items are going to a new owner than getting away from your sight. Here are some tips for a successful garage sale. 1. Decide the date and time: Always be smart about the date and time you select. The weekend day will be more suitable, preferably a Saturday. The ideal time for holding a garage sale is spring as the weather is […] Continue reading

Managing Moving Stress

The overall moving process can turn out to be stressful due to many reasons. Moving is a procedure involving mixed emotions. In some ways, it is the beginning of a new adventure as you are taking initial steps towards moving to a new location and meeting new people. But there are many changes involved in moving. Moving stress occurs as a result of these emotions. If the stress crosses certain limits it will have a detrimental effect on your mental and physical health. Here are some concrete steps for alleviating moving stress. 1. Have the right attitude: Additional stress can result in a person becoming pessimistic and lose focus on the tasks at hand. You can get bogged down and have more stress. Try to have a can-do attitude through the difficult portions involved in moving. Concentrate on the positive aspects of moving such as meeting new people and exploring the new location. Even focusing on a single good thing such as proximity to a new restaurant can help you […] Continue reading

Moving Plants To A New Home

It is difficult enough to make a large move with having to pack living things such as pets and plants. The stress involved in moving gets even more difficult to handle as you are left wondering about how to keep the pets happy through the whole journey to the new home. However, you have to think about the well-being of herbal friends as well. Let’s check out a few strategies for moving plants to ensure that your plants survive the long trip to the new home and stay happy along the way. Prepare the plants: A few days ahead of the move remove all the dead leaves from the plants and their branches. Provide a good prune to them. A week before the move get rid of pests, dust, and weed. Re-pot the plants in plastic: To make sure that moving plants is easy on your back take them to heavy pots and planters and provide them new homes in lightweight pots made from plastic just a few weeks before […] Continue reading

Safe Piano Moving! Some Essential Tips!

Piano moving is certainly not for the timorous and the people that have done it will vouch for it. It is a tough task and needs a lot of groundwork and manpower. Piano moving is a strenuous process and as a result, has carved out a niche in the moving industry. These days you can find several companies around the country dedicated to piano moving. Most pianos weigh up between three hundred to one thousand pounds and the use of professional movers is recommended for the job. But hiring the professionals is not on your budget many times. You can move the piano with help from friends in such cases. Find the right moving supplies and material: Firstly, you need to ensure that you have all the requisite supplies and material to safely moving the piano. In the case of both upright and the grand pianos, you will need a lot of moving blankets for protection. The last thing you need is scratches on the valuable musical instrument. You can […] Continue reading

Moving Guide During COVID-19

The information on COVID-19 as follows is current as of April 16th, 2020, based on the CDC announcement. This article is not intended as medical advice. COVID-19 has changed a lot of things and put a lot of things on hold. Some things, however, simply can’t wait, not even for a pandemic. For people in the process of moving – whether to relocate for a job or due to selling/buying a house – the show must go on, virus or not. Here are some tips for how to manage this already stressful process, now amplified even more by the coronavirus. Your first instinct may be to do everything yourself in order to limit contact, but this may actually work to your disadvantage. It can be an arduous task to load everything yourself, and this will lead to you being outside and among people for longer than you may need to be. PREPARING: Professional movers can help move your stuff quickly, efficiently, and minimize not only your moving time but also […] Continue reading

Moving Tips! Packing Tips For A Smooth Move!

Packing our belongings and moving down the block or across the country doesn’t have to be a disaster. Before learning the moving tips you must be aware that packing is a headache and can be stressful. Packing during a move is more stressful than packing for a weekend and there are many more things involved in it than just packing a suitcase. Can you make the packing job easier and lighter? Here are some simple moving tips to simplify packing during a move. 1. Using right-sized boxes: Place the heavy items such as books in smaller boxes and lighter items such as pillows and linen in the larger ones. Large boxes packed with heavier items is a common complaint made by professional movers. It makes the moving job harder and increases the chances of breakage. 2. Place the heavy items at the bottom of the boxes and lighter items at the top: If you are planning to load the moving truck by yourself try to pack the heavier boxes initially […] Continue reading

Using A Moving Service During A Busy Season

The nice weather in the summer makes for an enjoyable time outdoors. There is no need to worry about rain and snow however, it also means it is time for everyone to consider moving. 70% of all the moves occur between the weekends of Memorial Day and Labor Day. It means a lot of moving for moving services with plenty of coordinating required. Let’s take a look at some tips for getting you through the summer of using moving services. 1. Plan ahead: Begin looking out for the moving service 6 to 8 weeks ahead of the moving date. Keep in mind that the most reliable moving companies fill up their schedules quickly. If you begin earlier it also provides you sufficient opportunity to negotiate. However, the moving service is unlikely to give you discounts at this time of the year but you might get lucky. Select the morning time for the moving operation because it will be relatively cool at the time. 2. Select the least busy days: In […] Continue reading